5 James Bond traits your Project Manager’s need


1. Self Awareness and self-assurance

Gone are the days of traditional note-taking. Today’s project manager owns their projects with confidence. They prepare for meetings and facilitate sessions with poise getting contribution from the audience.

2. Courage to think creatively

Digital programs and access to information is transforming the way we work. Visualisation programs enable Project Managers to introduce fresh ways of working to their projects. More simplified processes and automated ways of working enable more powerful project outcomes.

3. Impeccable to their word

Transparency is everything! Saying when you will deliver a piece of work and ensuring the team doing the delivery is held accountable, counts!

4. Measured and calm

Project Managers hold the project team together. They exude a “we got this” approach to running projects. They are on time, organised and highly focused on what matters in order for the project to succeed.

5. Personable

A project manager who brings passion to the job and believes in the work being carried out is a pleasure to work with.

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