5 unbelievable project manager persona’s


The role of the Digital Project Manager has moved on alongside modern technology: swiftly!

The role of a Digital Project Manager is no longer just about creating and maintaining a project plan and ensuring delivery milestones are met and budgets are in check. 

Depending on what the business does and what team the business can afford to invest in, sometimes, a Digital Project Manager is also a Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Behind the project plan and setting up of meetings lies 5 unbelievable persona’s of a great Digital Project Manager, here goes:

  1. Entrepreneur. Great digital project managers notice opportunities on their projects and bring ideas on how to work smarter, more creatively, and more efficiently to the surface.
  2. Investigator. The best project managers are naturally curious about their client’s businesses. They make it their mission to understand their client’s requirements and ask questions to understand the unique value proposition.
  3. Educator. Great digital project managers take time to understand digital trends, skills, and tools. They work with their in-house team and are then able to guide clients appropriately helping them be able to make good choices.
  4. Futurist. Digital Account Managers think about what lies ahead and the future workflow of their projects, they work with their team to prevent potential problems from happening.
  5. Promoter. Great Project Managers know when to pull talent into the limelight. They know when to include the right people into the right meetings to present their awesome work or facilitate a much-needed meeting. 

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