A meeting “intervention” to free up time



Problem Uncovered

With the covid pandemic and work becoming fully remote plus technology making it very easy to simply set up a meeting, this business realised there were too many wasteful meetings unfolding resulting in not enough hours to get work done.

How We Helped

We worked collaboratively with the client to understand what kinds of meetings were getting run and how they were being facilitated. We then ran an interactive “make meetings matter again” session with everyone looking at soft skills on how to drive participation in meetings. This was to ensure the meetings that were required were going to be purposeful and participative. This interactive session also gave everyone a chance to express what meeting pet peeves they wanted to put a stop to and surface opportunities for certain meetings to merge or be culled completely.


  • An interactive “make meetings matter again” remote session with 100 x employees (4 groups of 25 in each group).
  • Follow through inspirational & fun content around “meeting etiquette” and “meeting techniques” shared via MSTEAMS company channel.


  • Less meetings freed up time for people to get more meaningful work done. By merging some meetings and removing others (often a workflow platform could be used instead of the need for setting up a meeting) employees felt they could “breathe” again.
  • Confidence to drive better participative meetings (through skills learned) that are move collaborative and outcomes driven.

Looking for a tailored meeting program?

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