Bouncing partners on a company restructure


Advertising & Marketing

Problem Uncovered

The evolution of ways of working efficiencies left this leadership team of an advertising agency feeling like they weren’t 100% certain that they had the right mix of people, teams and skill sets to deliver the best possible experience back to their clients and still be profitable. Before making a restructure decision they wanted an unbiased external collaboration to review things as they were and offer ideas and suggestions.

How We Helped

Working closely with their Operations Manager we identified a series of collaboration sessions that were needed. Information was shared by the Operations Manager ahead of each session. This gave us time to digest and strategise and prepare for a good productive remote collaborative session with the leadership team.


  • Collaboration workshop on what current structures are looking like in the now and in the future 
  • Collaboration workshop on client’s scope of work, the value of that work and skillset needed to deliver against it
  • Collaboration workshop on some org chart thought starters & skill sets needed


  • Aligned leadership team on the best structure needed to support the current business needs and the ways of working landscape
  • A clear way forward to communicate changes needed to all employees