Creating greater accountability in teams & individuals


Boutique Digital Agency

Problem Uncovered

We worked with a boutique digital agency that scaled from 5 to 20 people. Through our People & Process program we found is that all the worker bees were reporting into both partners. This was causing confusion for when performance reviews came around and also showed that both partners were duplicating efforts in the business in certain areas.

How We Helped

We helped the two business partners get clear on each of their strengths & co-created a “responsibility” org chart – 4 key responsibilities per person & per team in the business. We also helped produce fresh & visual job specs for clarity on roles & getting the work done.


  • Responsibility Org Chart
  • Team Pods
  • Visual Job Specs


  • By removing duplicate efforts, this freed up time for partners in the business to focus on other priorities.
  • Less confusion around who to go to for what in the business saved time & creatives could spend more time doing what they do best.