Improving the creative briefing process


Online Grocery Retailer

Problem Uncovered

Through our People & Process program we discovered a disconnect with the work getting briefed in by the marketing team, to what was being received back from the creative team. We discovered every brief getting uploaded to the workflow tool was different. A lot of these briefs were extremely long with the crux of what was needing to be created happening at the very end of the brief.

How We Helped

We worked with both marketing and creative teams to surface their challenges in writing a brief and in receiving the brief and then met together to share these insights and to co-create a consistent briefing template. We showed them how to create a faster experience for uploading a brief into their workflow platform that would deliver meaningful chart data to help them make faster decisions operationally.


  • Briefing template
  • Briefing form / platform prototype


  • Faster delivery of work with clearer brief and understanding of what is required.
  • Less confusion around what needs to get done which means creatives can spend more time doing what they do best.
Helping creatives do what they do best