Improving communication across departments


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Problem Uncovered

Whilst unpacking some of their customer complaints, this Sales & Distribution business realised these complaints were directly linked to the internal ways of working across departments. The customer complaints could easily have been avoided if only the communication internally, on the ground, between teams, was better.

How We Helped

We worked with the company to further understand that communication was happening internally, it just wasn’t effective communication. When something was being said, often the crux of what was being said was not fully understood.


  • An interactive active listening workshop where employees learned specific techniques on how to “actively listen”
  • An interactive role-playing exercise where employees got to experience a taste of another colleague’s challenges through a role-playing exercise
  • Subsequent “active listening” content was shared on their company MSTEAMS channel to promote the practice of active listening inside their business


  • Respect amongst colleagues for their respective roles with a better understanding of their specific challenges in the chain of events
  • Support felt amongst employees that as a team they have each other’s backs. That together they collectively own customer experiences and how everyone’s input across departments pulls together
  • Actual active listening skills learnt to apply in practice