Onboarding Monday.com with a marketing & creative team

Onboarding Monday.com with a marketing & creative team


Marketing & Creative

Problem Uncovered

This marketing and creative team were facing many workflow challenges. The platform they were using had not been configured properly and so the team felt like the platform wasn’t living up to their expectations. Communication about briefs was also happening in multiple places leading to miscommunication and dissatisfied clients. The Head of the department also had no clear line of sight of all the jobs in the system nor any instant access to workflow charts.

How We Helped

Collaborating with the team we identified a priority hit list of things to fix. First and foremost was proper briefing templates. We then looked at what the different people in the team needed out of the workflow in order to establish a phase 1 and a phase 2 of features to configure and train the team to use.


  • Collaboration to understand work getting produced, work types, volume, turn around times, evolution of how they want to work etc.
  • Collaboration workshop to define briefing templates
  • Process mapping of platform use cases
  • Alignment workshop on feature set needed for phase 1 and phase 2
  • Alignment workshop on rituals and ground rules needed to support the platform implementation
  • Monday.com alignment workshop recapping the purpose & desired outcomes
  • Monday.com configuration collaboration
  • Monday.com upfront training


  • Online briefing forms feeding directly into the platform resulting in less manual work
  • All communication housed centrally against a brief leading to improved communication internally and with clients
  • Instant line of site of jobs completed for multiple clients in a given month