Upskilling Digital Project Managers



Problem Uncovered

Directors in this business were feeling like their Digital Project Managers weren’t meeting their expectations. Certain things Directors were expecting the Digital Project Manager to own weren’t happening. The Digital Project Managers in the business were feeling like they weren’t getting the guidance and support from the Directors to perform to their expectations.

How We Helped

The role of a Digital Project Manager has changed. Clients are looking for speed and agility and less of a layered agency model. We worked with the Directors and produced a simple 1 page visual job spec for the Digital Project Manager outlining key responsibilities, rituals and awesome work traits. We then ensured there was alignment from all the Digital Project Managers in understanding what was expected from them in the role. From there we asked the Digital Project Managers what skills they felt they needed to really perform in the role. We then created a series of short interactive training sessions for all the Digital Project Managers.


  • 1 page visual job spec for a Digital Project Manager
  • Job Spec Alignment workshop
  • Group coaching session – unpacking what upskilling the project manager’s would like
  • Upskilling training sessions
    • How to lead & communicate with confidence
    • Co-creating a briefing template
    • Improving a client job status dashboard
    • Problem solving techniques with role playing


  • Improved confidence in leading and facilitating client meetings and conversations
  • Gratitude towards the Directors in that they actively invested in their career growth through training and upskilling
Upskilling digital project managers