Upskilling young Manager’s to drive better team delivery efficiencies


FMCG Data Solutions

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Problem Uncovered

The business created cross-functional teams because they realized this would result in better project accountability. Each team needed to figure out how best to work together in order to deliver on their client promises. The team Manager’s were young and new to the world of project management and needed the confidence to make the work delivery successful.

How We Helped

We first onboarded each Team Manager and their team on “what it means” to work smart (from a business agility perspective).

Next we worked with each Team Manager on their “way of working rituals” guiding them on how to implement these with their teams.

Finally we created a monthly interactive learning session for all Team Managers to come together and learn something but also as a “support” to each other.


  • Onboarded teams on what it means to “work smart” and “be agile”.
  • Ways of working – templates & training.
  • Onboarded teams on using Miro, a virtual whiteboard collaboration tool.
  • Interactive Learning sessions (various outputs & outcomes).


  • Team Managers feel more confident to drive out the monthly project deliveries and no longer need to go to the Operational Head as much.
  • Team Managers feel like they have the support of other Team Managers, they feel happier and healthier in the workplace.