Working smarter as an HR collective


Data & Technology

Problem Uncovered

Having acquired a few businesses in the data and tech industry the overarching group company wondered how they could work smarter across businesses. With big expansion plans on the horizon for one of these businesses, retaining and recruiting people was going to become a large requirement. Instead of expanding the HR team to cope with the recruitment demand, the group wondered whether HR leaders & managers, working collectively across businesses, couldn’t come together to support this business on the expansion requirement by working together.

How We Helped

The Group business appointed a HR head of the data & tech cluster. We worked with them to design a collaborative and interactive workshop to promote sharing across the various HR teams inside of these businesses.


  • An initial miro onboarding session to allow for sharing of information to unfold.
  • A pre-populated miro board that HR representatives could populate with all their existing collateral.
  • A creative exercise to come up with innovative ideas around retention and recruitment & voting for two to be carried forward.
  • Assigning ownership of the different HR processes (recruitment, retention, wellness, performance etc.) to individuals & giving them a task deadline.


  • HR team members felt more directed by being given ownership of a focused HR process.
  • HR team members felt they could really deliver something great by having seen and received HR collateral from the other businesses.
  • HR team members grew their confidence to collaborate more because they experienced it first hand, saw the benefits of it first hand.