How GROUP LEARNING benefits business


Businesses are eager to deliver amazing customer experiences. And to do this they know they need the right people with the right skills and behaviours to drive smarter ways of working inside the business to ultimately benefit the customers they serve.

I see businesses adopting collaboration to drive better outcomes for customers by creating cross-functional teams. This is a great start but then how do you ensure you don’t become a stagnant team. When team leads come together to share experiences and key learnings, the benefits of this are felt across the entire organisation, powerful!

Here are 5 ways group learning can benefit your business:

  1. Group learning organically creates a support structure. Team leads find themselves constantly motivating, helping, mentoring, and guiding their teams to deliver to the best of their ability. When team leads come together to learn together, a support structure is formed and all of a sudden the roles are reversed and now they have peers in similar roles to lean on for motivation, assistance and/or mentoring. People who feel supported will naturally outperform those who don’t. 
  2. Group learning positively impacts a business, faster. Leaving a practical learning session with a checklist or framework or structure from which to then practice allows team leads to immediately drive outcomes in their respective teams.
  3. Group learning actually gets completed. How often have you been disappointed by the uptake of free online training courses offered in your organisation? Short 1-hour group learning sessions that happen just once a month feel achievable and so these end up actually happening. As a business, you can now measure the results from the completed training. 
  4. Group learning challenges individuals. Every business wants to help drive personal development and growth and group learning is a good way to do this. Getting together as a group of team leads brings with it diversity. Different backgrounds, different work experiences, different approaches offer healthy debate around key learnings and can sometimes challenge one’s own behaviors and beliefs.
  5. Group learning creates a fresh employee experience. Longer online courses can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore and don’t always engage learners. When team leads come together to learn in an interactive way the experience is richer and can actually be fun. Learning experiences that are fun are memorable and more likely to be practiced in the workplace.

Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success – Henry Ford

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