Is your digital project outta tune?


Is your digital project jamming well or does it need some tuning? Here are some songs you might relate to with your project right now. What’s important is to listen to what’s going on and figure out a way to get back into your groove.

Working 9 to 5, Dolly Parton

The old classic song by Dolly Parton, Working 9 to 5, talks about putting in the effort but not seeing the reward. Digital teams can often feel like they are on a hampster wheel churning out the work but not feeling the benefits. Make sure you celebrate project milestones. Ensure the project goals are visible and when you reach the desired metrics, acknowledge the team and their talent.

Forward Motion, Daya

Strive for continuous improvement over perfection. A feature launch might not have gone according to the plan. Or maybe your digital business has changed so much that it has now outgrown the platform it once stood firmly on. The point is to continue on your journey together, there will be some lows but hopefully more highs. Be clear on your digital product goals, and grow together through continuous learning and effective collaboration and communication. 

Break free, Ariana Grande

How is the spirit in your stand up meetings? How about your planning meetings, check-in meetings, problem-solving sessions? Are they colourful & engaging? Is the team getting to show off their talent and skills? Are these static meetings with one person doing most of the talking or meetings where the team are collectively moving post-its around and having a conversation? No time like the present to start introducing some fresh fantastically fantastical ways of working!

Can’t get you outta my head, Kylie Minogue

Is your digital project suffering from zoom-bie syndrome? Days and weeks and months filled with zoom meetings and not enough time for the team to actually get into a working “state of flow” and produce the goods? Make sure the meetings that are happening are ones with a clear purpose and are needed. Then set the team free to do what they were hired to do.

Are your projects missing a bit of soul?

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