Lessons from a CEO encounter


My business is 4yrs this month, I can hardly believe it. 

I was humbled last week when one of my clients booked for 100 employees to attend my meeting masterclass: run meetings with clear outcomes.

The most satisfying bit was having the CEO join the 1-hour masterclass. It gets better, the CEO then took the time to thank me for it afterwards.

This felt incredibly gratifying and I haven’t stopped smiling.

This experience re-energised me. I’ve taken time to reflect just on why that is, here is what I think..

  1. Leaders who act, inspire. Acknowledging opportunity for improvement & then actually acting on it and measuring it puts a business streets ahead of one who just talks about it.
  2. Leaders who have a support structure, expediate outcomes. Building meaningful partnerships allows you to learn and to grow faster. Every business has a unique flair to it and you don’t need to be great at all things.  
  3. Leaders who try new things, fuel bravery. It is easy to keep doing things the way you know how, the way you’ve always done them. It takes effort to try a new way of working and/or thinking but often when you do, the rewards are worth it.

Thank you CEO for showing me the kind of leader I want to be in my business.

“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.”

Maya Angelou