Hi, Results Driven Leaders

You’ve made it here because you know there’s a better way to hold meetings—a way that ignites enthusiasm, fosters creativity, and drives productivity. Like you, we believe it's time to transform the dreaded meeting monologue into a dynamic dialogue where every voice is heard and every minute counts.

Why a meeting program?

Businesses are continuously growing, changing and reinventing themselves based on what the market desires of them. Not only does this impact team interactions but add to this the influx of so many platforms available to us as a means to communicate it's not hard to understand why we have overwhelm popping up in wellness surveys.

It's true, many employees find themselves overwhelmed by back-to-back meetings, impacting their ability to focus on actual tasks and deliver results.

Why can't you fix this yourselves?

You can, in fact, you will. We are here to help you do it 3 times faster than if you tried to do it all by yourself. We are here to help your Managers create the right mix of meetings, employee focus time and quick comms in order to create a better work flow inside their teams.

How this works

Our approach involves helping you identify where you can cull meetings but also where you can consolidate meetings, refining their purpose and relevance. We assist your Managers in identifying instances where a platform solution can replace a meeting entirely. Additionally, we share techniques and tips for meeting best practices. We also co-create some Meeting templates to help them improve meeting outcomes.

Tailored to your needs

We can customize the program to suit your requirements. It can be a series of workshops or collaboration sessions tailored to your needs. The Make Meetings Matter program starts with us setting up some success measures for your tailored meeting program. The contents of the program is interchangeable and can cover things like meeting fundamentals, meeting template design, meeting facilitation training, identifying your unique ways of working ground rules, a meeting use case diagram and follow through on the implementation of these meeting improvements.

Client feedback

Deanne Roberts



Combining meetings and using Miro has changed how we work. Working asynchronously before a meeting to populate certain things has enabled us to come into our meetings prepared and ready to tackle decisions that need to be made head on. The other major benefit is that with our learned skills we were able to empower more team members to facilitate meetings. We created a rotational cycle where everyone gets the practical experience in running effective meetings.

Meeting Stats from survey data


keep employees from doing productive work.

64% of employees

say the best way to get them excited about a meeting is for it to be well-planned.


 consider meetings costly and unproductive.

Why this Program?


 Discover how to reclaim hours of lost productivity by transforming meeting time into progress time.


Learn secrets to making meetings more interactive, engaging, and genuinely enjoyable for your team.


Get the tools you need to ensure your meetings lead to actionable outcomes, not just more meetings.

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  • QUESTIONS. We will have a lot of questions for you too during this session.
  • RECORDING. The session will be recorded to allow us to be fully focussed on what you are saying. It allows us to transcribe the session which means faster turn around time in getting a proposal to you.
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Businesses aroung the world are wasting billions of dollars on ineffective meetings.