Masterclass with Alice Jakins

1hr MASTERCLASS: Agility Knowledge Booster for teams

Agility in business is about being able to give customers what they need, quickly and easily.

Agile businesses boast an entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to innovative thinking and getting things done.

Is your digital team suffering from robot syndrome?

Are certain digital practices slowing you down?

Is the agile jargon making you feel stuck?

Could you be working smarter?




Learn about business agility for digital projects
Is project creativity and project momentum missing?

When digital teams are clearer on what business agility means they are empowered to be able to drive better and more effective ways of working inside your business.

1hr POWER HOUR designed for digital teams

  • Digital Project Managers
  • Digital Designers
  • Developers
  • Analysts
  • Digital Strategists
  • Testers

"Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success" ~Henry Ford

Walk away with...

  • Solid understanding of business agility & why it counts

  • Inspiration to be and do agile well

  • A list of online programs to help you work smarter & faster

  • Cheatsheet for working agile-smart on your projects

  • Agile jargon unpack: scrum and kanban


What it costs...

5 people

$45 per user

6-10 people

$40 per user

11-20 people

$35 per user

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" - Michael Jordan

Next steps ...

  • Pay for your masterclass

  • Book your team's 1 hour slot in the diary

  • PowerHour with me - learn with me over zoom - expect a mix of slide-deck, youtube videos, interactive polls and team engagement

  • Apply your learnings - go be awesome at agile-ways-of-working!


100% empowerment

My #1 priority is empowerment. I stand by my masterclass content 100%. If you walk away feeling dissatisfied, I'll refund you in full. Empowerment Guaranteed.

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