Masterclass with Alice Jakins

1hr MASTERCLASS: Own Meetings Like A Pro

Meetings & workshops today should have clear goals and outcomes. 62% say wasteful meetings get in the way of work.

Today’s projects require facilitators.

Nobody wants to be in a meeting or workshop where they cannot actively contribute. The overall percentage of engaged workers during 2020 is just 36%.

Collaborative meetings allow for your project talent to shine through. Since Covid, 49% of people say they have been unable to maintain or improve their productivity on collaborative tasks.

Could you be working smarter starting with your meetings & workshops?




how to run better meetings
Do your meetings need a shake up? Do you need more energy and engaged outcomes from your meetings?

When people at work are clearer on how to run more effective meetings & workshops they are able to drive better and more effective ways of working inside your business.

1hr POWER HOUR For everyone in a business that runs a meeting or workshop or is about to start.


"Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success" ~Henry Ford

Walk away with...

  • Understanding how to determine a good outcome for a meeting or workshop

  • Tips and techniques to drive participation in meetings

  • Where to find miro meeting and workshop templates


What it costs...

10 people (min 10)

R650 per user

11-50 people

R600 per user

Up to 100 people

R35000 fixed

Businesses aroung the world are wasting billions of dollars on ineffective meetings.

Next steps ...

  • Pay for your masterclass

  • Book your team's 1 hour slot in the diary

  • PowerHour with me - learn with me over zoom or msteams - expect a live interactive and engaging session.

  • Apply your learnings - go be awesome & run your meetings like a pro!

  • Ongoing fix-it retainer. After this masterclass I can work with your team leads helping them further in culling and/or refining your meeting mix at work!


100% empowerment

My #1 priority is empowerment. I stand by my masterclass content 100%. If you walk away feeling dissatisfied, I'll refund you in full. Empowerment Guaranteed.

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