Masterclasses with Alice Jakins

A series of 1 hr masterclasses designed for digital teams.

With remote working being the new normal, digital project teams need to be aligned & connected.

Covid times has sped up the need for efficient ways of working inside businesses and digital teams need to work as efficiently as possible.

Digital automation means many businesses are needing to upskill employees because their previous role has become redundant. More and more people are working in the digital project space and require accelerated learning in their new roles.

These masterclasses are super short, just 1 hour. They are for teams and the learning is collaborative and more effective for businesses.

Fresh * Fun * Deliberate

Introducing a fresh, fun, collaborative and deliberate training approach.

Improve team productivity and happiness on your digital projects and see improved efficiencies in how projects are run.

The Benefits For You Include...

  • Increased collaboration

  • Increased empowerment & knowledge

  • Effective communication on projects

  • Increase profit margins thanks to better communication, collaboration & empowerment

Who the %&#@ is Alice?

I’ve run projects - small and big. I’ve worked at agencies - small and big. I’ve worked in client’s businesses - small and big. I’ve worked with many diverse people - some with small egos - some with big egos 🙂

Bottom line - I want to help digital teams see the wood from the trees. 

I personally run each masterclass with your team. 

I share “must-know” tips, tricks, tools, and techniques with digital teams so they can go nail project deliverables and deadlines.

57% of projects fail due to "breakdown in communications"

designed for

  • Anybody responsible for “delivering a digital project” inside your business.
  • Digital Project Managers, Account Managers, Group Account Directors, Delivery Managers, Brand Managers, Campaign Managers, Hybrid Scrum Masters/Project Owners, Custom Project Lead, Design Lead, Development Lead, Performance Lead etc.
  • Group of 5 or more individuals from the same company - I can take up to 20 people. If more than 20 people we can look to divide the groups into 20 people teams.

"Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success" ~Henry Ford

Take a peek at the 3 masterclasses:

Masterclass: Agility Knowledge Booster Bring it - Agile Businesses are ready to embrace new ways of working!

  • Business Agility & Agility in tech
  • Digital Tools that speak to "agility" (verrrrry awesome!)
  • 12 Agile principles to apply to projects right now 

Masterclass: Project Success Guaranteed “Project management is a craft, knowing what to ask goes a long way”

  • Defining project success
  • 15 x questions guaranteed to aid project success

Masterclass: Own meetings like a pro “Gone are the days of being the glorified note taker. Today’s digital projects require facilitators.”

  • Meeting Types & Meeting Templates
  • Key Facilitator traits
  • How to drive collaboration

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" Michael Jordan


  • Practical collaborative learning

  • Completed during office hours

  • Interactive & engaging polls

  • Teamwork learning

  • Learnings actioned inside your business



Let’s Chat

Let's chat about the upskilling development needs inside your business. Let me share the masterclass content in a little more detail.  Schedule in a free 30-minute chat with me and let’s grab that cup of coffee.