A program designed for fast-scaling businesses ready to create a stable foundation for growth. Run by Bill & Alice

Agility in business is about being able to give customers what they need, quickly and easily.

Agile businesses boast an entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to innovative thinking and getting things done.

Do you feel there is room for better collaboration across talent and teams in your business?

Are certain processes & practices slowing your business down?

Do you suspect your business could be working smarter but because you don't work with the "detail" you can't be sure?

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Learn about business agility for digital projects
Is your business “soul” buried beneath complicated ways of working?

When the purpose of your business, your people and your ways-of-working become clearer, transformation happens and so can organic growth!

We bring People & Processes to the surface to unpack opportunities

  • Agility onboarding. 2 x interactive workshops with Heads of Departments. These sessions are aimed at onboarding an agile mindset and focus on the customer at the heart of what you do. The sessions highlight gaps & opportunities.
  • We do a 1:1 remote coffee chat with each Head of Dep to unpack their zone of genius & their ways-of-working. This is aimed to surface new opportunities for smarter ways of working and also ensures the right people are in the right roles.
  • We become your 2IC, hopping onto your internal meetings, taking a look at your current tools, processes and rituals in order to produce a fresh ways-of-working PDF blueprint.

We help you implement fresh ways-of-working

  • We guide your Heads of Department during the roll out phase, sharing tips and techniques to help them implement the findings from the ways-of-working blueprint we provide.
  • We support your Team Leaders as their 2IC attending their new meeting structures and seeing their "fresh" ways of working coming to life through their choice of tools & rituals.

"Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success" ~Henry Ford

Walk away with...

  • Team’s buy-in to business agility & why it counts (cheatsheet included)

  • Team's buy-in on providing value to your customers & a gap analysis showing opportunities

  • Ways-of-working Blueprint containing employee experience findings & fresh suggestions & recommendations

  • An organogram with roles, responsibilities & reporting Lines

  • Job Spec Template

  • Team Agility Structure - diagram

Client Feedback

Optional Extras ...

  • Job Specs

  • OKR's for each employee

  • Agile Team Coaching

  • Recruitment consulting & hiring

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" - Michael Jordan