Programs to transform teams

Programs designed for transformation.

With remote working being the new normal, teams need to be aligned & connected.

Covid times has sped up the need for efficient ways of working inside businesses and teams need to work smartly.

Introducing a fresh approach to the way you work can transform your business.

These programs are designed for team transformation, our approach is hands-on, collaborative and action-oriented.

Fresh * Fun * Deliberate

Introducing a fresh, fun, collaborative and deliberate program approach.

Improve team productivity and happiness inside your business, see improved efficiencies, smarter ways of working and customer joy.

The Benefits For You Include...

  • Increased collaboration

  • Increased empowerment & knowledge

  • Effective communication on projects

  • Clearer and more efficient ways-of-working

  • Increase profit margins thanks to better communication, collaboration & empowerment

57% of projects fail due to "breakdown in communications"


Project Power Program A Program for Project Owners who are ready to embrace fresh ways of working!

  • 10 week program
  • I guide Project Owners to transform their teams’ with fresh ways-of-working that drive productivity and create more engagement.

People & Process Program A program designed for fast-scaling businesses ready to create a stable foundation for growth.

  • 8 week program.
  • We become your 2IC, making a guest appearance on meetings, having coffee chats with your team leaders, taking a look at your tools, processes and rituals in order to produce a toolkit of fresh ways-of-working recommendations.

"Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success" ~Henry Ford


  • Practical & collaborative style

  • Interactive & engaging polls offering insights to turn into action

  • Teamwork approach

  • Learnings actioned inside your business

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" Michael Jordan



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