Project Management and Agile Ways of Working with Alice Jakins

An 8 week course designed to help Project Managers deliver work that matters, smarter, faster and more creatively!

Digital automation means many businesses are needing to upskill employees because their previous role has become redundant.

Online courses are plenty yet rarely are they completed because the content is boring or there simply isn’t time to get to it.

Every penny counts in covid times & businesses need to show results from their spend on training.

Empowering employees allows them to make decisions to support your clients.

Fresh * Fun * Deliberate

Introducing a fresh, fun, collaborative and deliberate training approach.

I empower your project managers with skills that they in turn deliver to your clients and inside your business, real time.

The Benefits For You Include...

  • Increased collaboration

  • Increased empowerment & knowledge

  • Effective communication on projects

  • Increase profit margins thanks to better communication, collaboration & empowerment

  • Claim a portion of the costs back from your Skills Development Levy

Who the %&#@ is Alice?

I’ve run projects - small and big. I’ve worked at agencies - small and big. I’ve worked in client’s businesses - small and big. I’ve worked with many diverse people - some with small egos - some with big egos 🙂

Bottom line - I want to help Project Managers see the wood from the trees. I want to help Project Managers stay focused on “delivering work that matters”. 

I personally run each weekly session with your team. 

Think of me as their Project Manager extraordinaire  guiding them with “the must know” tips, tricks, tools,  and trusted project management techniques.

I will be holding them accountable for driving agreed to action items each week when we meet.


Each week the team will be tasked with certain deliverables they will report back on.

57% of projects fail due to "breakdown in communications"

designed for

  • Anybody responsible for “delivering a project” inside your business.
  • Job Titles could include Project Managers, Account Managers, Group Account Directors, Delivery Managers, Brand Managers, Campaign Managers, Hybrid Scrum Masters/Project Owners, Custom Project Lead etc.
  • Group of 5 or more individuals from the same company - I can take up to 20 people. If more than 20 people we can look to divide the groups into 20 people teams.

"Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success" - Henry Ford


Module 1: Agility Knowledge Booster “Bring it - the modern project manager welcomes changes”

  • Business Agility & Agility in tech
  • Digital Tools that speak to "agility" (verrrrry awesome!)
  • 12 Agile principles to apply to projects 

Module 2: Our “ways of working” “Ground rules are there to help you run your project with a clear head”

  • Communication Matrix unpack 
  • Your teams area of genius
  • Co-creating basic process lists

Module 3: Understand “what you’re selling” “Today’s project manager is like an entrepreneur, seeing opportunities everywhere”

  • Is  your product suite (and rates) clear and understood?
  • Project Cost Examples
  • Project Timeline Examples

Module 4: Fifteen questions guaranteed to aid project success “Project management is a craft, knowing what to ask goes a long way”

  • Defining project success
  • 15 x questions guaranteed to aid project success

Module 5: Goals & Measurements “Get clients begging you for your project manager because the previous project exceeded their expectations”

  • Goal Setting
  • Examples

Module 6: Own meetings like a pro “Gone are the days of being the glorified note taker. Today’s project manager is a facilitator.”

  • Meeting Types & Meeting Templates
  • Your Facilitator Word Cloud
  • Driving Collaboration

Module 7: Empowerment accelerated “It's easy to get what you want, when you understand where to get it or who to get it from”

Sharing, Caring, Growing ...

  • What/Why//How/Where are we sharing
  • Collective Company Sharing / External Sharing
  • Leveraging off a world of inspiration 

Module 8: Practical project run “The success of a project is no longer just about being on time and on budget but about delivering what really matters”

  • Apply learnings from all 7 x modules to actual projects

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" - Michael Jordan

Also Includes...

  • 1 hour set in the diary each week

  • Practical collaborative learning

  • Completed during office hours

  • Interactive & engaging polls

  • Teamwork exercises

  • Homework actioned inside your business

Testimonials "Module 1 was everything I expected and so much more. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

- Lebo, Human Capital Executive, The Brave Group


Let’s Chat

Let's chat about the upskilling development needs inside your business. Let me share the module content in a little more detail.  Schedule in a time and day to chat with me and let’s grab that cup of coffee.