Project Power Program with Alice Jakins

In this program, I personally guide Project Owners to transform their teams’ with fresh ways-of-working that drive productivity and create more engagement.

Agility in business is about being able to give customers what they need, quickly and easily.

Agile businesses boast an entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to innovative thinking and getting things done.

Project owners today need to think, act and behave like an entrepreneur, promoter, negotiator, investigator and coach.

Today’s project owners are able to take their team’s mindset, skillset and toolset and creatively combine these into a unique mix that helps drive the project’s purpose & success.

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Learn about business agility for digital projects
  • Are you running agile practices like stand-ups, sprint planning and retrospective meetings but still not seeing tangible value getting delivered to the business?
  • Do you feel like you are the only one talking in your project meetings?
  • Could your team be working smarter?
  • Is your collaboration defined by having a few instant chat channels in place?
  • Are you seeing communication lighting up everywhere but wondering just how effective it is?
  • Are certain digital practices slowing your team down?
  • Is your digital team suffering from robot syndrome?
  • Is the agile jargon making your team feel stuck?
  • Does the project purpose feel like it is getting buried beneath complicated ways of working?

Program Outline ...

I'll give you techniques, tips and provide template structures to help you drive better collaboration and more effective team work.

This program is for... Project Owners, Scrum Masters, Project Managers

  • Are you looking to improve team productivity & engagement?
  • Are you keen to avoid the agility rigidity trap and drive fresh ways of working inside your team(s).
  • Are you looking to surface the project purpose, your team’s talent and introduce better ways of working in order to drive project delivery and project value?

"Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success" ~Henry Ford

Walk away with...

  • Solid understanding of business agility & why it counts

  • Inspiration to be and do agile well

  • A list of online programs to help you work smarter & faster

  • Cheatsheet for working agile-smart on your projects

  • Your unique communication toolkit to drive effective collaboration

  • Templates to drive project success

  • Exercises to drive engagement from your team


What it costs...

5 project owners

$450 per user

6-10 project owners

$400 per user

11-20 project owners

$350 per user

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" - Michael Jordan

What you get ...

  • Weekly 1 hour facilitated group learning with me

  • Weekly assignment to apply to your current project (s)

  • Unlimited group chat support

  • 1:1 Coach, think of me as your 2 IC bouncing partner in your stand up, sprint planning and retrospective meeting

  • 10+ templates of project success amazingness


100% empowerment

My #1 priority is empowerment. I stand by my program content 100%. If you walk away feeling dissatisfied, I'll refund you in full. Empowerment Guaranteed.

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