Not investing in People & Processes is one of the most common mistakes businesses make.

Work improvements start to feel possible when you have consultants who GET YOU!

  • Do you have dreamy commercial growth plans but lack the internal operations to support it?
  • Is your business in a position to scale but operational excellence is missing?
  • Do you feel there is room for better collaboration across talent and teams in your business?
  • Have you been thinking about how to motivate for that C-Suite team but lack the proof to sell it in?
  • Do you have a hunch that certain processes & practices might be slowing the business down?
Does your project show spirit?

Imagine having 24 hours a month of “free thinking” time dedicated to your customers - this can be completely achievable when your systems, processes and ways of working are smarter and more streamlined.

Where do you even begin this journey of navigating work improvements?

We are here to help you break down what might feel enormous into bite size chunks. We've developed our own Work Smart Model© which becomes our guide as we navigate work improvements together.

Our Work Smarter Model

When the purpose of your business, your people and your ways-of-working become clearer, transformation happens and so can commercial growth!

from zar 5k

Min 6 sessions

private coaching

We become your collaborative & practical partners, helping you elevate your operational efficiencies, just 3 times faster.

from zar 15k

Min 3 sessions

work improvement workshops

EG: Org structure design, better meeting templates, communication & channel mix, roles & responsibility tables, better briefing templates etc. 

from zar 15k

Min 3 sessions

PRACTICAL training programs

Empowering teams with the knowledge & practical skills to in order to improve ways of working.

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work improvement audit

Surfacing the nitty gritty of where there are opportunities to improve ways of working with a report showing these findings as well as detailing next steps.

If you are looking for consultants who practically get stuck in, who challenge you and who will hold you accountable, we got you covered!

Wanna know WHO you will be working WITH? The very FOUNDERS of this business!

Alice and Bill process consultants

Alice and Belinda's (Bill) working relationship started over 15 years ago where they both worked in an Advertising Agency. Belinda started her own business 9 years ago and Alice soon followed launching her business 7 years ago. It was just before Covid hit that a collaboration was born between both businesses where it became obvious that together they bring the perfect synergy in helping businesses work smarter.  Alice with her a career background in digital project management and her passion for driving better employee experiences & Belinda (Bill) having completed over 50 internal business audits across industries and continents. Bill also boasts a Creative Outsourcing solution with her wide and experienced creative network, delivering top creative resources to fit a specific brief. Together they make a power duo, working collaboratively with businesses, helping them to run better, with improved processes, practices and platform wins.

Agile businesses boast an entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to innovative thinking and getting things done.

How we like to work

  • WITH AUTHENTICITY. We're People people. We're easy-going but organised too.
  • VISUALLY. We like to collaborate with businesses inside a visual tool called Miro.
  • ASYNCHRONOUSLY. When we come together to collaborate we make sure our sessions are well-planned & short. We create a collaborative workspace where you can come and engage in a time convenient to you.
  • DUAL COMMITMENT. We set timing goals upfront and agree on feedback response times to ensure speedy momentum.
  • YOUR HEROES. Your Managers are the heroes in delivering important comms back to employees. They are the ones your employees will hold accountable to ensuring what needs to come out of this journey transpires. We are here working in the background. We will guide your Manager (s) on what they need to do and how to do it that they can then deliver.

Imagine converting 10% of your manual tasks into automated tasks, this is completely do-able with the incredible technology available to us today.

Common challenges we tackle


Reengineering meetings to unlock valuable time for innovation.


Amidst evolving organisational changes teams have grown or shrunk which demands better ways of working.


We become your collaborative partners in designing optimal org chart structures of teams for enhanced synergy.


Workflow Mapping to identify & eliminate bottlenecks for smoother task management.

PLATFORM ONBOARDING onboarding program setting the teams up for success in adopting the right platform & business practices.


Equipping young managers with the skills they need to run effective project rituals and drive project success.

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