Embracing team changes & ways of working


IT & Data

Problem Uncovered

Having recently been acquired there were a number of changes affecting this software development team. Previously outsourced developers were moving in-house. A product owner resigned and a new product owner was recruited internally. There is a project currently running that needs to be completed and after that it will be supporting the business by delivering to the product vision. The recent resignation of the product owner surfaced a challenge around roles and responsibilities. That certain people were performing more than 1 x traditional role and better clarity was needed.

How We Helped

Working with operations we realised there were two things that needed fixing. One was to ensure there was a clear understanding of roles & responsibilities and the second was to have a clear & simple understanding of who does what in the “delivering of work” chain of events.


  • 1 page visual job specs for every team member
  • Responsibility grid for the full team
  • Team Purpose – alignment workshop
  • Team ways of working improvements workshop
  • Ways of working framework
  • Ways of working framework – alignment workshop


  • A sense of ownership felt and in general a “we are in this together” feeling
  • Excitement around how the improved more streamlined ways of working are going to take shape, a framework that they helped co-create
  • More efficient workflow in place with purposes behind certain practices ironed out and having leads assigned to some of these
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