Catherine Wijnberg

Catherine Wijnberg CEO


I have loved working with Alice & Bill and especially value the cross-cutting experience & innovative tools that support their "ways of working" and believe this will make a significant difference to the success of our next stage of development.

Paula Petit
Linum Labs

Paula Petit CEO

Linum Labs

Our Management Meetings used to be each of us reading out our TO LISTS out loud. Thanks to Alice & Bill we now speak openly about what is going on in each of our departments. They created us a Miro template we use each week & use stickies to capture our for next steps. These Management Syncs feel way less transactional now and flow more "freely". Our team feels the most "in-sync" we've ever been.

Gavin Mandel Smollan

Gavin Mandel Operations Director

Smollan Intelligence

We decided to try out a cross functional team in one of our one service lines. We had a lot of young managers who were more technically focussed who hadn't really worked a lot with people and teams. We brought Alice in to help us better understand agile principles and the kinds of rituals that one would follow, the purpose of these rituals, and how to run these rituals. Alice then mentored and coached these young managers to run these rituals in an agile manner. This gave us the ability to scale our business, we have a whole new level of decision making, a whole new set of young leaders now able to lead their respective team's delivery in an autonomous manner. This in turn has freed the exco team up to focus on more strategic initiatives. It's been incredibly valuable working with Alice.

Riel Stofberg

Riel Stofberg HR Manager

Modern Hair & Beauty

What a joy to work with Alice & Bill. In a relatively short period of time, they assisted us to be more focused by finding smarter ways of working, especially through collaboration between teams. As part of our journey with them they also presented two ‘listening skills’ workshops at our conference (one to management and one to our support staff), and through her professional, systematic, practical, relaxed, and fun approach, managed to entrench some critical communication skills. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership!

Adrienne Perifort

Adrienne Perifort Delivery Manager


It’s been so cool to see some big and small changes post the workshop series. I will start by saying that we have seen a lot more camera’s on in meetings without having to ask, I did not expect this happy change. On a interpersonal side, the team has started connecting more with people they normally wouldn’t connect with because they were in different teams previously and through this they have been helping each other a lot. There is a clearer understanding of what is expected from and to other teams. The way of working is more clearly defined. I have had 2 new joiners start since the workshop series & having the document to send to them was also very helpful as they know from day 1 what is expected from them. It’s also been a nice refresher for the older team members. The overall engagement has gone up from this session.

Juan Oliver

Juan Oliver Creative lead


Alice was bought into Enovation in order to help us solve quite a significant amount of problems with our Workflow Process and Traffic Management. The outcome we have received was more than we could ever expect, and in turn, the processes have become a core and fundamental part of the business that allows us to run as seamlessly as an agency should.

Allen Jaffe

Allen Jaffe CEO


Business 2.0 is all about agility & efficiency which relates to profitability. In the post Covid-era, businesses need to be a part of a new way of working which is a simple yet complex metamorphosis. I would highly recommend Alice & Bill if you are open to change and if you are looking to grow.

Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle CTO


Our development team had become stuck between a rock and a hard place, our stakeholders were uncomfortable around delivery and time-frames, trust had been lost, and the whole ICT department was struggling to manage our main project. So we reached out to Alice...She swooped in and got everyone in the organisation on the same page - truly an achievement when we're the most creative and haphazard organisation. She helped us re-built trust as the ICT department, assisted in enabling tools to help us track tasks and time, and helped us push our impossible project to completion. It was the hardest job in the world, and she gracefully pushed through until we were back on track.

Melody Hendriks

Melody Irish HR & Marketing Lead


Alice has been delivering workshops to our teams. She is engaging and interesting and the teams have thoroughly enjoyed her energy and passion. Thanks Alice for getting our project team members excited again! Our Project Managers enjoyed your 1 hour "masterclass" so much they have motivated for another group of Business Analysts to do it!

Deanne Roberts

Deanne Roberts Head of Delivery


Combining meetings and using Miro has changed how we work. Working asynchronously before a meeting to populate certain things has enabled us to come into our meetings prepared and ready to tackle decisions that need to be made head on. The other major benefit is that with our learned skills we were able to empower more team members to facilitate meetings. We created a rotational cycle where everyone gets the practical experience in running effective meetings.