Improving project collaboration & project progress transparency


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Problem Uncovered

There was no line of sight of project progress happening in the marketing and sales department. Different people brought different skills to the project but there was nobody owning a project outright.

How We Helped

We initially ran a workshop with all the key project players around collaboration. Teamwork is a core value of the business and they were wanting to see how this could practically play out. In this workshop the team practically “collaborated” whilst learning how to “collaborate” using Miro, a virtual whiteboarding platform. Next we collectively assigned project facilitators against each of the big business projects and unpacked exactly what the project facilitator was responsible for. Finally we showed each Project Facilitator how to run a virtual project kick start meeting using a custom project kick start template suitable to their needs. We also decided how and where project tasking would reside in MSTeams.


  • Collaborating in Miro – training
  • Project Kick Start Meeting structure – How to use the virtual whiteboard to run the kick start, practical training
  • Project Tasks using MSTEAMS 


  • Clearer accountability with clarity on the project facilitator role.
  • Using a collaborative project kickstart template allows for a greater chance of success in project delivery as well as team accountability.
project progress and transparency