Objectively surfacing better ways of working



Problem Uncovered

The significant increase in sales over the past couple of years in this business identified an issue with the speed and agility at which they could innovate to support the demands of the business. Specifically some people felt that the IT systems team was not able to deliver to the business requirements at the speed and agility at which they require.

How We Helped

Working with this business and with their coaching consultancy partner we unpacked specific examples from the IT team that could’ve lead to this perception. We also looked to understand the business strategy and goals and team structure in place to deliver to the goals. We identified together that the people within need to guide and inform future ways of working changes.


  • Using our ways of working model, we designed an upfront survey to be completed by all employees
  • We then analysed the survey data from all the surveys submitted into a simple report highlighting key insights and suggested next steps to action inside the business


  • The findings from the survey will be used to strengthen the business from within and will show up as practical and participative workshops and/or group coaching experiences.
Process audit