An underwater project making waves

When I ask my project power pupils what project success means to them, the answers that come back are consistently around delivering on time and on budget. I take them through an exercise that challenges them to think a little broader. By the end of the 1-hour masterclass, project success takes on a completely new meaning.  Until…

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3 tips to help you pick a digital project management tool

How to pick a project task tool

I’ve worked in a few businesses who were looking to scale. Their reasons for having a Project Management Tool in place have varied from bizarre … wanting to see that their employees are getting through work and not spending all day on Facebook thinking that by implementing timesheets this will increase profitability eluding that a…

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Speed it up

speed up your projects

Technology is enabling businesses to respond to market needs quicker and more easily than ever before. There are amazing digital tools out there that could help you move projects over the finish line, a little faster. Here are three simple tips to get you accelerating off the starting block and across the finish line ……

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5 James Bond traits your Project Manager’s need

Inject some 007 into your projects

1. Self Awareness and self-assurance Gone are the days of traditional note-taking. Today’s project manager owns their projects with confidence. They prepare for meetings and facilitate sessions with poise getting contribution from the audience. 2. Courage to think creatively Digital programs and access to information is transforming the way we work. Visualisation programs enable Project…

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