Ice-breakers improve productivity


Teams are naturally more motivated when they feel a sense of connectedness to others. Human interactions are complicated but they matter. 

A recent study shows that employees who reported satisfaction with social connectivity with their colleagues are two to three times more likely to have maintained or improved their productivity on collaborative tasks than those who are dissatisfied with their connections.

When you are managing a team, carving out time for exercises that drive connectedness is going to help your project in the long term.

3 Ice-breaker ideas

Ice-breaker exercises can work well. Here are 3 x ideas for “let’s get to know each other better” ice-breakers.

What are your plans this weekend?

Ask everybody to find a google image that best describes their plans for the weekend then do a round robin where everybody gets a chance to tell others about the image they chose – i.e. what it is they plan to do. 

Two lies, one truth.

Here is a fun ice breaker to run with your team – it should surface some healthy banter and will help everybody in the project team get to know each other a bit better. 

Gratitude week.

Each day use a different virtual background showing something you are truly grateful for. Use the first 5 minutes of stand up where everybody gets to share why they chose their virtual background.

Miro to run ice breaker exercises works really well. Miro as an online collaborative tool is easy to grasp and running exercises where everybody gets to contribute feels much more inclusive. 

How team members on a project experience “getting work done” matters as much as the customer’s experience in receiving the work.

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